The festival House of Wonder, which boasts a spectacular lineup, successfully opened its first opening amid heated cheers.

Haus of Wonder, a music festival involving top musicians from home and abroad, was held at KINTEX's second exhibition hall in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province, on the 6th.

Seven teams of artists from home and abroad, including P1HARMONY, Zion.T, and NEW HOPE CLUB, appeared at the concert.

First, P1Harmony, who took the opening stage, boosted its energy with intense performances such as "Doom Doom" and "Do It Like This." On the same day, Pwon Harmony performed a total of eight songs.

From intense stages to emotional R&B ballads, he appealed to a variety of charms in front of a large audience. Audiences gathered in front of the stage cheered them with cheering sticks and cell phone lights. By the time Piwon Harmony performed its final stage, the audience gradually gathered in front of the stage and began to enjoy the festival.

Soon afterwards, ENSES and TREASURE performed consecutively, raising the heat of the festival. This sense is a hip-hop genre song such as "I Need to Know," "Like That XX Son," and "All Good Thing," while Treasure filled the stage with dance songs such as "Straightforward," "Darari" (rock version), and "I Love You."

TREASURE attracted the attention of the audience by showing the charm of going back and forth between cuteness and intensity. The cheering of girl fans poured out on the stage where the performance stood out and the emotional love song stage. On the encore stage that followed, he dominated the stage with freestyle dancing and singing. The incredibly relaxed stage manners and harmony between the members stood out that they made their debut in 2020.

Zion.T was the last Korean artist to take the stage at the concert. Zion.T performed darkly under minimal lighting. This created an atmosphere where you can focus on Zion.T's tone and instrument sound. He filled the stage with his songs such as "Complex," "Butterfly" and "See-Through."

"It's been a long time since I've performed in a large indoor theater," he said, smiling throughout the performance. I feel weird," he said. "I'm so happy to perform. I couldn't perform for about two to three years and thought, "What am I doing?" But I feel good to perform like this," he said, expressing his feelings of happiness.

After finishing the comment, Zion.T asked how he was doing with music such as "Song," "Take it out," and "Just." In response, the audience waved left and right and answered in unison.

With one last song left, Zion.T took pictures of the sessions and memories with the audience. Afterwards, Zion.T went down after the "Yanghwa Bridge" stage.

Following the break of about an hour, the performance of Emotional Oranges, a mixed male and female duet group, was followed as the first overseas artist. The audience responded with loud cheers just by their appearance. Emotional Oranges introduced themselves in Korean, calling themselves "emotional oranges" after starting the stage with a song.

Emotional Orange was staged with songs that showed the team's color well, including "Iconic," "Make Me Wanna," "Your Best Friends is a Hater," and "Personal." The music flowing through the speakers gave a strong resonance to the listeners' hearts.

In addition, the harmony of the two men and women instantly romanticized the atmosphere of the concert hall. In particular, the two showed close-knit choreography, heating up the atmosphere.

In the middle of the stage, he sang "Killing Me Softly With His Song," saying that he liked it. He played a perfect live performance by grabbing the audience with only his voice without music.

When the performance ended with the last song, it was filled with the voices of the audience shouting encore. As if in response, Emotional Orange immediately returned to the stage and even performed an encore performance. They finished with groovy R&B songs.

Next, Sabrina Claudio came on stage. Sabrina Claudio continued on the stage for an hour without a break. The concert hall was filled with Sabrina Claudio's music and cheers from the audience.

Sabrina Claudio started the stage with her signature hit songs such as "Belong to You" and "Frozen." He concentrated on the music, feeling it all over his body. His facial expression also caught the eye. Along with him, the guitar sound delivered through the speaker captivated the audience by creating a pleasant wind. As a result, the audience focused on him while holding their breath throughout the performance.

He then changed the atmosphere in his music, including "Problem With You," "Messages From Her," and "Favorite Part." Finally, Sabrina Claudio, who prepared the "Unravel Me" stage, told the disappointed audience, "I'll be back. "Don't worry," he said.

The finale was performed by the three-member boy band New Hope Club. The New Hope Club delivered refreshing energy like a summer night with its cool tone and band sound. The tireless audience greeted them with enthusiastic cheers.

The New Hope Club warmed up the atmosphere of the concert hall with "Medicine." It then exploded the audience's energy with stages such as "Getting Better," "Worse," and "Fixed."

They said, "It's been a long time since I came to Korea. Thank you for coming here," he said. And then in Korean, "Hi, Korea." I love you," he said, expressing his affection for Korea. He continued to express his gratitude to the audience by showing finger hearts in the middle of each stage.

At the end of the performance, member Blake Richardson ran off the stage and communicated closely with the fans, culminating in the heat of the stage. After the stage, the New Hope Club came out again and continued the encore stage. The New Hope Club wrapped up the day's festival with its hit song "Know Me Too Well," which was very popular in Korea.

Meanwhile, "House of Wonder" will run for two days from August 6 to 7. Top domestic and foreign artists such as headliner Conan Gray, ZICO, Tom Mish, and John K joined the lineup, raising expectations.

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