Among the evaluations of Korean films in Korea, the standard that is considered the best box office hit is the achievement of 10 million viewers.

So far, a total of 19 Korean films have surpassed 10 million viewers, and Hansan: Rising Dragon is the most powerful movie this summer.

Hansan: Rising Dragon is a Korean film released in Korea on July 27 and is about the Battle of Hansan by Admiral Yi Sun-shin of the Joseon Dynasty, who is called a holy hero in Korea.

The short story of the movie is as follows.

In April 1592, Joseon lost Hanyang to the Japanese army just 15 days after the outbreak of the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592, putting it on the verge of desperation. The Japanese army, which captured Joseon at once, gathers large-scale troops to Busanpo, dreaming of an ambition to go to Ming.

Meanwhile, Admiral Yi Sun-shin prepares to play while contemplating tactics to save Joseon, even when his ancestors were on the defensive after losing consecutive wars and sending them to Uiju.

However, it becomes difficult for the turtle ship, which was damaged in the previous battle, to be dispatched, and even the drawing of the turtle ship was stolen by the Japanese army's intelligence.

Thanks to the victory, the Japanese army heads off Hansando Island, and Admiral Yi Sun-shin prepares a desperate strategy for a battle that will determine the fate of Joseon.

In the summer of 1592, off Hansando Island on July 8th of the lunar calendar, the best naval battle on earth will take place for the fate of Joseon, which needs an overwhelming victory...

Director Kim Han-min planned a three-part film about Admiral Yi Sun-shin, who is called the "Holy Hero" of Korea, and his three naval battles.

The first was ROARING CURRENTS, which was released in 2014, and it still has the best audience record in Korean films with 17.61 million viewers.

The second story is the newly released Hansan: Rising Dragon, and the third and final story is Noryang: Sea of Death, where Admiral Yi Sun-shin died.

To enjoy the trilogy more, you need to know a little bit about the history of Korea, the Imjin War and Admiral Yi Sun-shin.

The Japanese Invasion of Korea was the only war between Joseon and Japan (Toyotomi regime) between May 23, 1592 and December 16, 1598, and the only war in which Korea and Japan fought with all their might.

It was also an international war in East Asia in the 16th and 17th centuries that had a profound impact on China's Ming Dynasty, which dispatched reinforcements to Joseon in addition to the countries involved.

As a historical turning point between Korea, China, and Japan, the three East Asian countries, it was treated as a significant watershed in Korean history that distinguished the early and late Joseon periods, and had a decisive influence on the replacement of the Chinese mainland.

Even in Japan, the Toyotomi regime, which unified the Japanese archipelago, collapsed due to a huge consumption of national power, leading to the establishment of the Edo Shogunate.

Joseon, which was not ready for war at the time, was occupied by Japan for most of the entire country. It was Admiral Yi Sun-shin who saved the country at this time.

Admiral Yi Sun-shin was a naval officer who never lost a battle with the Japanese navy during the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592. Not only that, but even 13 ships fought against 130 Japanese navy warships and won the victory.

At that time, Japan had to transport war supplies from the mainland, which is an island country, to Joseon, but with the consecutive losses to Admiral Yi Sun-shin, the atmosphere of the war was reversed and the Japanese military was finally able to be driven out of Joseon's land.

For this reason, all Koreans consider Admiral Yi Sun-shin the most respected historical great. General Yi Sun-shin's name is used together with the title "Holy Hero."

The movie Hansan: Rising Dragon is set in the Battle of Hansan, the most strategic and spectacular battle of Admiral Yi Sun-shin's many naval battles.

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