Group H1-KEY met K-pop fans around the world through global communication.

H1-KEY (Seoy, Riina, Hwiseo, Yell) held its first live broadcast under the title of "H1-KEY's Mikey Logo Workshop" to commemorate the opening of the official V LIVE channel on the 7th.

On this day, H1-KEY was happy to show his excitement on his first V LIVE broadcast. Haiki, who started communicating with fans around the world, said, "I've been taking a lot of Polaroid pictures while filming 'Run' music videos in the U.S. If you certify the city hall, I will give it to you as a gift," he said, hosting a city hall certification event together.

H1-KEY then split into two teams and challenged to make the fandom 'Mikey' logo. Haiki, who teamed up with Yell, Seoi, Wheeso, and Rina, decided on conditions that must be included in the material selection and logo through various games.

H1-KEY's cute desire to win drew laughter by playing thrilling games such as crocodile tooth games, timing games, and penguin ice breaking.

Haiki, who started making logos in earnest, carefully decorated the logo. Fans admired H1-KEY's concentration, saying, "Everyone is so sincere," while Seo-yi said, "Everyone is sincere about everything," and Rina said, "I'm serious about the logo," and then did my best to make the logo.

Since then, the logo produced by H1-KEY has been unveiled. "M and H are connected," Yell, "M and H are connected. Mikey's M, Heike's H," he explained, changing direction and saying, "It looks like a key. It means that "Haiki is the key to Mikey." It looks like "to" again. It means, "It's always fun to be with H1-KEY and Mikey like Saturday," he said.

In addition, Whistler and Riina unveiled the results of the drawings of keys, camping tents, and bonfires. "The key shape is Mikey. There was a condition of "drawing Mikey in 10 years," and I thought of camping together 10 years later, Rina said. "Don't you go camping with close people?" "It's like a family, and I thought of a place where I can remember while being with my friends," he added.

Finally, H1-KEY expressed his extraordinary love for his fans, saying, "Thank you for being with me in the beginning." Haiki's efforts to produce his own logo and get closer to his fans left a deep impression.

H1-KEY recruited new member Whistler on July 6 and worked as its first Maxi single "Run". It received attention not only in Korea but also in overseas music charts, proving its global interest in HIKEY. As a result, it has succeeded in strengthening its position as the only "exercise idol" among the fourth-generation idol groups, drawing enthusiastic responses from domestic and foreign fans.

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