The group IVE (An Yu-jin, Autumn, Ray, Jang Won-young, Liz, and Iseo) showed off their beautiful youth visuals.

IVE posted its last summer photo on its official SNS on the afternoon of August 3.

This photo is filled with Jang Won-young and autumn's summer. First, Jang Won-young caught the eye with white and transparent skin and clear eyes. In addition, the girl's emotions were properly raised with long straight hair and a pure face without makeup. In particular, the appearance of tying his hair with a hair tie on his lips doubled his innocent charm.

In the fall, he lay on the lawn with his eyes closed, creating a peaceful mood. In addition, blonde short hair, pure white clothes, and a bright smile of autumn captured fans' hearts.

Autumn's gaze staring at one place as if waiting for someone stimulated another excitement in perfect harmony with the summer night's atmosphere. On top of that, Ive's group summer photo was released, causing a hot reaction from fans.

Wearing a white dress, Ive completed a dazzling summer photo showing off his pure comic visual chemistry.

IVE will release its third single "After Like" at 6 p.m. on the 22nd, making its first summer comeback since its debut.

IVE announced the birth of a mega rookie with its debut single "ELEVEN" released in December last year, winning 13 awards, including triple crowns of three music professional terrestrial broadcasters.

IVE topped the Melon monthly chart for the first time in a fourth-generation idol group with 10 awards for its previous work "LOVE DIVE," and was selected as the best K-pop song and album by Time magazine in the U.S. and "Billboard Global 200/Top 15" and "Billboard Global Excl. U.S." With two consecutive hits, he stood out as a fourth-generation idol.

Amid global attention to the new news, which will be announced in four months, IVE is currently performing "THE STAR NEXTAGE" held in Japan.

Starting with the performance of "Pia Arena MM" located in Yokohama on the 2nd, they will participate in the performance of "World Memorial Hall" in Kobe on the 4th and "Marine Messe" in Fukuoka on the 9th to meet local fans.

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