Rookie girl group ILY:1 successfully completed its "Que Sera Sera" activities.

ILY:1 (Ara, Lirika, Hana, Lona, Nayu, Elba) made a comeback with their second single "Que Sera Sera" on July 19, and has established itself as a "global innocent idol" with remarkable results.

ILY:1's "Que Sera Sera" ranked first in four categories: Amazon Music, "Best seller (all genre)," "International genre," "New release best seller (all genre new song)" and "New release international seller (international genre, new song)."

In addition to topping the iTunes K-POP chart (as of August 1st), it was also hot to be ranked 19th on the POP chart and 50th on the All Genres chart.

The number of views of the music video is also making an unusual move. The music video for "Que Sera Sera," released on the official YouTube channel of ILY:1, surpassed 3.3 million views as of 5 p.m. on the 20th, proving its terrifying global growth by drawing explosive reactions from fans from overseas beyond Korea.

ILY:1 will be on MBC's "Show" on the 20th! With the end of "Music Core," she finished her activities of "Que Sera Sera" and left a strong impression with her visual and perfect stage control.

ILY:1, which has impressed its presence with remarkable achievements such as overseas music records and music video views in its second activity, is currently trying to secure a thick global fandom by continuing to communicate with global fandom through the video platform Tik Tok.

ILY:1 will continue to grow into a leading role in K-POP with colorful music and meet global fans.

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