Girl group aespa successfully finished its first solo showcase in Japan.

Aespa held Japan's first solo showcase "Aespa JAPAN PREMIUM SHOWCASE 2022~SYNK~" (Espa Japan Premium Showcase 2022~Sink~) at Pia Arena MM in Yokohama, Japan, on the 6th and 7th, and a total of 920,000 people participated in ticket applications.

Aespa met with 40,000 audiences selected through a lottery for two days to give a powerful performance.

In this concert, aespa gave fans the unique energy of the hit songs "Black Mamba," "Next Level," "Savage," "Girls," "Life's Too Short," "Illusion," as well as the album's "Energy" (IPPYE) and "Iceremony" (Iceremony).

Aespa said. "It was my first event in Japan, and I was happy to show you a performance like this. I want to share happy moments with you in the future. Thank you for giving us great memories. We'll make more opportunities to meet you. Please support us

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