The girl group EXID, which celebrates its 10th anniversary, will release a new album.

According to record label Sony Music Entertainment Korea on the 15th, EXID announced a new song at Naver Now's special broadcast "EXID 10th Anniversary Birthday Party Live," which was introduced on the 13th.

In this broadcast, the members shared episodes of the past 10 years. In addition, he performed the hit song medley signature dance and the representative song "Every Night" live, including "Up and Down," which became a hot topic for "fancam dance video."

In particular, he performed a special new song live for his fans. EXID introduced the song as "a 'fan song' that expresses gratitude to the fans."

Sony Music hinted, "It was a short preview live, but the members' hearts were conveyed through honest lyrics." In the broadcast, EXID said that it will officially release a new song soon.

In addition, the members showed unexpected tears at the surprise message of fans expressing their love for 10 years. The members responded, "EXID, LEGGO, I love you."

EXID debuted with the single "Holla" in February 2012. It drew attention as a girl group produced by popular composer Sinsa Donghoeng. At the beginning of their debut, they were a six-member group.

However, three other members withdrew and Solji and Hyelin joined the one-member Hani, Ellie, and Jeonghwa, reorganizing into a five-member group. With this composition, he released his first mini-album "HIPPITY HOP" on August 13 of the same year, which is considered to be his official debut date.

In the early days of his debut, he didn't get any feedback. "Up and Down," released in 2014, went viral on social media and became a popular group early the following year, writing a record of reverse driving.

In particular, Hani's "Up and Down" fancams (video taken by fans themselves) were the epicenter of popularity. Since then, it has become one of the K-pop cultures and is considered the starting point of the "fancam craze."

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