On the controversy that "Cookie," one of the title songs of the group New Jeans, used the lyrics of gender commercialization, Airdore said it was "groundless."

However, the interpreter who raised the issue of the "cookie" lyrics pointed out again, "The verification system has also failed."

Regarding the earlier criticism of the intention to commercialize the "cookie" lyrics, New Jeans' agency Airdore said, "We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the unexpected distortion of the intention.""On the other hand, ""Cookie"" reveals the message completely through a production that is replaced by a CD in the last scene of the music video.

In addition, the planning intention of "health" and "newness" was too clear. Slang around the world is not a standard language that everyone has to learn, and I have checked with a number of English literature doctors, interpreters/translators, native speakers, and ordinary foreigners about the content of the argument," he flatly denied.

In response, interpreter Kim Tae-hoon refuted Adore's explanation, saying, "Many people who are already fluent in English have raised the issue, but why only English experts who asked for confirmation have unanimously sided with Adore."

Interpreter Kim Tae-hoon previously pointed out that New Jeans' "cookie" lyrics symbolize women's sex, and that the lyrics of "I'll show you when I come home" are inappropriate for New Jeans, which consists of all underage female members.

Translator Kim pointed out, "Maybe there was a failure of the system in the process of re-verifying the problem caused by the failure of the system," but added, "It is encouraging that he expressed his willingness to improve the system." I hope this event will serve as an opportunity to rethink the healthy growth of K-pop culture," he also explained why he pointed out the lyrics of New Jeans.

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