The group CIX has released a poster that raises expectations a week before its comeback.

CIX (BX, Seung-hoon, Bae Jin-young, Yong-hee, and Hyun-suk) posted a comeback D-7 poster for their fifth mini-album "OK" Episode 1: OK Not (Okay Episode 1) on their official SNS at midnight on the 15th.

The poster showed CIX turning into a racer.

Wearing a racer suit with a combination of white and red colors, CIX gave off a five-person, five-color presence with eyes and poses that made use of their charms.

In particular, CIX, which created a mysterious atmosphere with a chic expression, exuded charisma, raising expectations for its comeback in a year.

CIX previously released a visual teaser and a music video teaser for the title song "458," signaling an unprecedented visual transformation and a more powerful performance.

Among them, some performances with strong beats and dark wildness were released, capturing the eyes and ears of global fans at once.

CIX has made unlimited transformation by performing various concepts ranging from dark appearance to refreshingness in summer. This time, he will return with more weight and open the door to the "OK" series in earnest and present an energetic performance.

CIX's title track "458" is an electro hip-hop song about a painful conflict between the instinct to reach you and the reason to control hasty emotions.

CIX's first album in a year, "OK" Episode 1: OK Not, is an album that contains worries about finding the essence of love. It expresses the mature self through emotions such as pain, desire, patience, and emptiness derived from the emotion of 'love'.

CIX's album will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on August 22.

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