The group BUSTERS caught the eye with its fresh charm.

The teaser image of the new song "Broken Clock" by BUSTERS (Jieun, Takara, Minji, Seira, and Yoonji) was released on the 24th.

The new song "Broken Clock" is a song on the BUSTERS single "re: Born" released in May, and thanks to the request of many fans, the music video has been newly released along with the arranged version of the song.

This song is a medium tempo dance song with a sentimental intro and lyrical melody. If the sad heart of the girl who felt the breakup was solved earlier, the arrangement version is expected to create a consensus among listeners with another message and atmosphere.

The released teaser image added meaning as it was captured by leader Ji-eun herself with a film camera. The members are wearing school uniforms and posing friendly in front of the school hallway and a blackboard full of graffiti, showing a friendly atmosphere. In particular, the film camera's vintage charm is contained, adding analog sensibility.

Meanwhile, the sound source and music video of BUSTERS' new song "Broken Clock" will be released at noon on September 6.

BUSTERS is a South Korean girl group formed in 2017 and organized by Monstergram.

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