Group BTS will appear in the boy group's debut project '&AUDITION - The Howling -' (An Audition - The Howling -).

BTS's agency Big Hit Music announced on BTS's official SNS on the morning of August 8 that "BTS will make a special appearance in the sixth episode of the audition program '&AUDITION - The Howling -' which will air on the 13th."

"&AUDITION - The Howling -" is an audition program released every Saturday on Hive Labels' official YouTube channel and Hulu in Japan.

Behind-the-scenes content of the main episode will also be released on the official YouTube channel of HYBE Label's Plus. Every Wednesday, a 30-minute audition cheering program '&AUDITION-LIVE-' is broadcast on Nihon TV.

Episode 6 will be held as the last chance for the final round and the fourth round of "BTS Mission." The preview, which was pre-released, showed the emergency announcement that he was beaten up regardless of the debut group and trainees.

In the fifth episode, which was released on the 6th, the mission stage of "SEVENTEEN Legendary" in the third round, which creates new choreography with the song of the group SEVENTEEN, was held.

According to Spotify, the world's largest music streaming company, "An Audition - The Howling" signal song "The Final Countdown" topped the Japanese Spotify "Daily Viral Songs" chart for eight consecutive days from July 27 to August 3.

The unusual feat of an artist who topped the charts for eight consecutive days before his debut proved the heat in Japan.

In the fifth episode, the "C Riders" team, led by leader FUMA, performed SEVENTEEN's "Call Call Call!" stage. In the mid-evaluation, all of them made mistakes, but under Huuma's leadership, the team members grew rapidly.

On the main stage, it showed perfect team balance and powerful energy and received favorable reviews from producers.

The "Full Count" team, led by GAKU, prepared SEVENTEEN's "HOME;RUN." In the mid-term evaluation, the trainee won the first place in the vote by himself and won the "stage directing right," showing his creative passion by preparing props and stage effects himself.

Producer Pdogg admired the stable live and vocal combination, but performance director Son Sung-deuk raised questions about the combination of the concept and the song. After the performance, Cho shed tears because he was disappointed that he could not show the best performance.

Lastly, HAYATE's "King" team showed a cute charm with SEVENTEEN's "Oh My" stage. The producers praised his debut group K as a "concept master," but added a strict evaluation in vocals, creating an unexpected development.

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