BTS V's self-composed song "Sweet Night" set a milestone in Spotify's first Korean OST to surpass 245 million streams.

The self-composed song and drama "Itaewon Class" OST "Sweet Night," in which V participated in writing, composing, singing, and producing, surpassed 245 million streaming sessions on the world's largest music platform Spotify on August 13.

"Sweet Night" recorded 245.609,854 streams as of 6 a.m. on August 16, the highest streaming record achieved in the shortest period of Korean OST history. V proved the strongest sound source power as the 'King of OSTs to be trusted and listened to'.

In "Sweet Night," V's soft and soulful voice, which seemed to touch his heart, combined well with the acoustic guitar melody, fascinated listeners around the world, and at the same time drew rave reviews from popular music critics and foreign media.

TIME in the U.S. said, "V's deep voice and warm melody that go well with the sweet acoustic guitar melody stand out," and Teen Vog praised, "V left a big mark on his music work as a song that perfectly matches the drama."

"Sweet Night" won first place in the "Most Streamed Drama OST category" for two consecutive years in 2020 and 2021. It was also listed in the Spotify selection "TOP K-POP Artist" and "TOP Male K-POP Artist."

V's "Sweet Night" made history by setting a tremendous record of simultaneously entering the top songs charts on iTunes in the U.S. and Britain, and on Melon, the nation's largest music chart, it was the first OST since its release and the first solo artist in 2020.

In "APAN STAR AWARDS 2020," he won the "BEST OST Award" and was properly recognized as a singer-songwriter. Forbes in the U.S. also highlighted the great success of the music source through an article titled "Five Records Set by Sweet Night."

Meanwhile, V's Spotify followers, which include only three drama OST songs, have surpassed 9 million, maintaining the No. 1 increase for the sixth consecutive month, ranking fourth among K-pop solo artists.

V's high-quality work, including the songs he has released so far, and surprisingly released to fans, is raising expectations for his upcoming solo album.

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