The third-generation idol's "Shining Solo" relay continues.

The third-generation idol group, which has been relatively focused on group activities, has begun solo activities in earnest this year and is also showing off its personal capabilities. As third-generation idols have been leading the mainstream of the K-pop market in recent years, their solo appearance is worth noting.

The prevailing opinion is that BTS is the most prominent solo activity this year. BTS, which performed solo songs only with "Mixtape," a non-regular album form, not an official album, began the members' solo activities in earnest and expanded their individual activities.

The first runner-up is J-Hope, who released his solo album "Jack in the Box" on the 15th of last month. Based on this, he performed an unusual performance by singing a total of 18 songs for about an hour as the main stage headliner of "Rollapalooza" held in Chicago on the 31st of last month (local time). At that time, the sea was highly praised by foreign media as well as the enthusiastic response of the local people.

Although it has not officially released a solo album like J-Hope, other members' solo activities are also well received. "Bad Decisions," a collaboration song with members Jin, Jimin, V and Jungkook, released on the 5th, ranked 10th on Billboard's "Hot 100" in the first week of entry (August 20), while "Left and Right" by BTS Jung-kook and Charlie Puth was also ranked 48th on "Hot 100". This is proof that the BTS stands out in individual activities.

TWICE, the third-generation representative girl group, has also started its solo activities from this year. In particular, there was a lot of interest because he was a latecomer in solo activities than Black Pink and Red Velvet, which are considered another "third-generation representative girl group." It was Nayeon who made TWICE's solo start. Nayeon released her solo album "I am Nayeon" in June and gained great love.

Upon its release, the album reached number seven on "Billboard 200" and topped the "Top Album Sales" chart. This was the first weekly sales record in the history of "Billboard 200" and the first K-pop solo artist to rank in the top 10 for the first time in the "Billboard 200" and the first K-pop solo artist to debut at the top of "Top Album Sales." Even after his solo career ended, he added various domestic and foreign call records and enjoyed long-running popularity. At the same time as her solo debut, Nayeon is believed to have achieved remarkable results in Billboard and firmly established her global position.

NCT currently has as many as 23 members, but none of the members have officially released a solo album yet. At least, I could listen to the members' solo songs with OST, special stage, and project-like music. Meanwhile, starting this year, we will meet various music of the members through the SM 'Station' new project 'NCT LAB'.

The first member to announce the start of "NCT LAB" was Mark, and Mark released his solo song "Child" through the project in February. Jae-hyun then took over the baton of his solo song. Jae-hyun released his solo song "Forever Only" on the 18th and is receiving positive responses from global fans with his first solo song since his debut. Shortly after its release, it topped iTunes' top song chart in 13 regions around the world.

In particular, Jae-hyun is receiving favorable reviews, hoping that the other person will stay with him forever in the lyrics and lyrics. Previously, he participated in the lyrics of NCT albums such as NCT 127's debut song "Fire Truck" and NCT's second full-length album "Dancing In The Rain," and showed off his musical ability by singing his own solo song "Lost" through NCT 127's second solo concert "The Link." This time, he conveyed his emotions through "Forever Only."

A K-pop official said, "The K-pop group, which debuted in the mid-to-late 2010s, is usually referred to as the third-generation idol, who has already passed the first seven-year exclusive contract period or is almost different. It can be said that the time has come to show a new appearance. Unlike group activities, solo activities can show different charms. In addition to individual solos, it is in line with the fact that they stand out in actors and entertainment. This seems to be why the number of actors and entertainment programs of third-generation idols has increased recently, and solo activities have increased," he said.

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