BTS Jungkook's Chinese fan club showed off its super-strong fan power with the largest radio birthday ad in the U.S.

Jungkook's Chinese fan club "Jungkook China" will send Jungkook's birthday ad on "iHeartRadio," the largest and representative radio program in the United States with more than 12 million listeners.

According to "Jungkook China," Jungkook's birthday ads will be aired on two popular radio channels in New York and LA, which have 35 million expected listeners and the highest number of iHeartRadio listeners for seven days from Aug. 29 to Sept. 4.

Jungkook's birthday ad is broadcast on channels such as "KIIS-FM 102.7" in the western U.S. and "Z100 New York - 30s x20" in the eastern part of the U.S., which boasts an average of 3 million to 5 million streams a day.

"Jungkook China" said on the radio, "Jungkook's vocals, the main vocalist of BTS and the center of the group, have captured millions of hearts, including authors of Rolling Stone magazine. She began her solo career this year with Charlie Puth's "Left and Right" featuring, which was highly praised.

September 1st is his birthday and I wish him a very special day! We can't wait to see Jungkook's solo music and more. We wish Jungkook a happy birthday and are happy to celebrate this special day with you. "I hope you are always healthy and happy, and I hope you have a wonderful life every moment," he said, expressing his deep love for Jung-kook and his passionate support.

Earlier, "Jungkook China" has unveiled a series of "first" and "maximum" support to celebrate and celebrate Jungkook's birthday in 2022.

"Jungkook China" announced that it will carry a birthday ad for Jungkook's front page in the September 2022 issue of Rolling Stone, the most prestigious global music magazine in the United States.

In consultation with Rolling Stone magazine, "Jungkook China" reported that it will publish a magazine on September 6th, Jungkook's birthday, September 1st, making it realize the "unreachable" firepower.

It is the first fan support project published by Rolling Stone and the first official collaboration between Artist Fan Base and Rolling Stone.

"Jungkook China" will provide the first and largest support for artists around the world to send Jungkook's birthday advertisements on a total of 16,508 LED screens on subways nationwide for a total of 18 days from August 29 to September 15.

"Jungkook China" will hold Jungkook's Viva Vision Light Show for the first time in the world on September 1st, a 460m x 27m dome-shaped overhead LED canopy installed in Fremont Street, Las Vegas, and 24 giant pillar screens.

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