BTS  Jin made Shazam's K-pop history with "Yours" to shine his presence as a "best solo artist."

Jin's first solo OST "Yours" surpassed 7 million Shazam for the first time in K-pop history on the global music search platform Shazam on August 4.

Jin's "Yours" set a record for the first and only K-pop shazam.
"Yours" surpassed the 6.97 million shazam of the group BTS, where Jin is active, and Jin became the first and only K-pop artist to have the most shazamned solo and group songs ever.

Jin's "Yours" showed all-time music power by achieving 7 million shazams in just three months after surpassing 1 million shazams on May 3.

In addition, Spotify, the world's largest music platform, also surpassed 81 million streams on August 3, proving a silver craze.

Jin is also at the top of Shazam's global charts, showing his potential for "Global Shazam King Jin."
Jin's "Yours" topped the Shazam Global Top 200 chart on August 3, topping the 54th.

This is the first and longest K-pop number one milestone. It also showed off its strong popularity by recording chart-in on "TOP2" for 71 consecutive days and "TOP10" for 84 consecutive days.

In addition, "Epiphany" and "Awake" entered the charts, making Jin the first Korean solo artist to chart three solo songs on the "Global Top 200" chart for nine consecutive days

In the Shazam "Japan TOP200" chart, Jin's "Yours" also topped the list for 117 consecutive days, the first and longest record in Shazam's history, and recorded a milestone of 150 days in total.

"Epiphany" ranked second on the chart, followed by "TOP10" from "Awake," "Moon" to "Ton," "Abyss" and "Super Tuna," becoming the first Korean solo artist to chart seven solo songs at the same time.

As of August 3, it topped the Shazam "Korea TOP200" chart on the 81st and the Shazam "Singapore TOP200" chart on the 40th, charting four solo songs, including "Moon," "Epiphany" and "Awake."

On the Shazam "Philippines TOP200" chart, Jin's seven solo songs, including "Epiphany," "Awake," "Moon," "Tonight," "Abyss" and "Super Tuna," entered the chart for 32 consecutive days. Shazam's "Indonesia TOP200" chart and "Malaysia TOP200" also entered the chart, realizing its global popularity.

In the "K-Pop" category, "Epiphany" topped the list for 24 consecutive days and "Moon" ranked second, showing Jin's strong brand power.

Jin topped the "week's top 10 artists" chart released on July 29, ranking first in six weeks. This is the milestone of being the first and longest K-pop solo artist.

It is the first time as a Korean solo artist and the second record as a Korean singer after BTS. Jin set a new record as the only K-pop artist to top both solo artists and groups.

Jin is showing his full potential as a "K-pop solo artist," breaking new records of K-pop "first," "only," "best," "most," and long-run in Shazam.

Expectations for Jin's various solo activities in the future are rising.

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