BTS Jin shone in popularity by topping the list of "Idols who look good in Stussy T-shirts."

Jin topped the "Hip and Cool Star with a Stussy T-shirt?" survey held at Exciting Dish from Aug. 14 to Aug. 20.

Jin won 5,528 votes out of 9,441 votes, ranking first with an overwhelming 58.55 percent of the vote.

As for Jin's charm, "Cool" was ranked first with 72% approval rating. It was followed by "sense" 15% and "powerful" 7%.

In an earlier August 1st week survey, Jin topped the list with the theme of "Who is a star who fits well as a shampoo advertising model because of his good hair?"

Jin proved his strong brand power and popularity by winning first place in a number of surveys conducted by Exciting Dish and being selected as MyCelebs' "Artist of the Month" and "Artist of the Month in July" for two consecutive months.

Jin has consistently topped the monthly cumulative ranking of "My Celebs Social Index Idols All TOP 10" as of August, following July, continuing its global popularity.

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