BTS's popular song "BUTTER" will also be released as chocolate.

Star Fox Family (CEO Lee Dae-hee) announced that it will release the BTS character "Tinytan Message Chocolate_ButterVer," which has been licensed with HYBE, at the end of August end.

The upcoming release of "Tinytan Message Chocolate_Butter Ver." is a follow-up to the "Tinytan Message Chocolate Ver.2" released in November last year. The previous version received great response with messages of dreams, courage, hope, and comfort.

The new product package of "Tinytan Message Chocolate_Butter Ver." uses the mood of BTS's song "Butter," which topped the Billboard chart a total of 11 times last year, and the product package is yellow.

Lee Dae-hee, CEO of Star Fox Family, said, "This time, 'Tinytan Message Chocolate_Butter Ver.' is expected to become popular around the world following existing products." "We have strengthened existing messages that have gained huge popularity with customers, added new messages, and made product package designs according to 'Butter'."

"Tinytan" is a character that was born with a cute BTS. It has a worldview that crosses the real world through Magic Door with the concept of becoming a character by expressing BTS's second ego.

The "TinyTan Message Chocolate_Butter Ver." sold through Star Fox Shop at the end of August is engraved with the faces of the seven characters of "TinyTAN" and the messages of dreams and hopes, courage and healing.

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