It has been about two months since BTS (Jimin, V, Jungkook, J-Hope, Suga, Jin, and RM) declared a temporary suspension of group activities and announced individual activities.

Since it was the group that was leading the vanguard of K-pop, the announcement of the suspension of activities announced during the peak period was huge, and it is true that some predicted various concerns. The members of BTS, who closed the first act on their own, are meeting fans around the world in various ways and opening the second act of their new activities.

The BTS has recently stepped up its individual activities. J-Hope was the first member to release his solo album "Jack In The Box" and was active in the famous American music festival "LOLAPALLOZA" as a headliner.

He was the first Korean to decorate the main stage, and it was the first public stage to shoot a signal of solo activities, and he performed about 20 songs alone, proving his ability as a solo artist.

Jungkook has released a collaboration song "Left and Right" with American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth, while BTS's vocal lines Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are resonating with the collaboration song "Bad Decisions" with Benny Blanco and Snoop Dogg released on the 5th.

It is noteworthy that both their group and individual activities are steadily gaining popularity on the U.S. Billboard charts. According to the latest chart released by Billboard (August 20), BTS's anthology album "Proof" ranked 59th on the Billboard main album chart, up three notches from the previous week, for the ninth consecutive week.

He also stood out in individual activities. "Bad DECISIONS," in which Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook participated, ranked 10th on the Billboard Hot 100 in the first week of entry. BTS became the first Korean artist to list more than 10 songs in the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10. "Left and Right," in which Jungkook participated, has also been steadily loved by charting in the "Hot 100" for seven consecutive weeks.

The members are also known to be working on their own songs. BTS Jimin, who was connected on the phone with Ha Sung-woon, known as his best friend, on KBS radio Cool FM's "Kiss the Radio," said, "I'm working on my own songs these days," adding, "I'm trying to get together with the BTS members whenever I have a schedule."

V filmed JTBC and Disney Plus's "In the Forest: Friendship Travel" with Park Seo-joon, Pick Boy, Choi Woo-sik, and Park Hyung-sik, who are known as best friends in the entertainment industry, and even recorded OSTs with the cast, giving off V's charm.

Team activities also continue. Recently, they resumed broadcasting their own web entertainment "Run BTS" in 10 months. Run BTS, which first aired in August 2015, contributed to the team's popularity by capturing various charms of the members, unlike its intense appearance on stage.

This is great news for ARMY, a fandom that cannot easily see the full group of BTSs as before. In addition, BTS, who was selected as a goodwill ambassador for the Busan Expo, is expected to hold a large-scale global concert in October.

As such, the BTS is sweeping away some concerns about the gap and rather expanding its scope of activities than before. Industry officials are also showing interest in the future direction of activities as to what records will accumulate in the new chapter of BTS.

What remains as a variable until the end is the military service issue. Politicians are emphasizing the need to deal with amendments to the Military Service Act, which is known as the "Special Act on Military Service in BTS."

The main point of the revision of the Military Service Act is to include popular culture artists as art agents. Busan Mayor Park Hyung-joon also proposed to the president's office on the 18th that BTS will apply an alternative service system for art and sports personnel to attract the 2030 World Expo to Busan.

Mayor Park's suggestion is expected to heat up discussions on whether BTSs will exempt military service. However, the Ministry of National Defense said that it is virtually impossible to apply special cases, but said it is considering ways to guarantee opportunities for activities by leaving the door open.

As BTS's eldest brother Jin has to enlist within December when he turns 30, the issue of BTS's enlistment is expected to be concluded in some way this year.

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