The "2022 MTV Video Music Awards" (2022 MTV VMAs) will be held on the 29th (Korea Standard Time), with a number of boy and girl groups representing K-pop, "BTS" and "BLACKPINK."

At this year's awards ceremony held at the Prudential Center in New Jersey, BTS and BLACKPINK are nominated in six and three categories, respectively.

In other words, BTS was nominated for all three categories in which BLACKPINK was nominated.

In particular, 
BTS was nominated for the Group of the Year, a major category. In addition to BTS and BLACKPINK, American hip-hop duo "City Girls," American hard rock band "Poo Fighters," American alternative rock band "Imagine Dragons," Italian rock band last year's Eurovision Song Contest winner, and American pop singer and rapper "Annosil" Anderson.

In addition, BTS was nominated for "Song of Summer," which was released on June 24 in collaboration with U.S. producer and singer-songwriter Charlie Puth, as well as "Best K-pop," "Best Choreography," and "Best Visual Effects" and "Performance."

BTS is aiming to win the MTV VMAs for the fourth consecutive year. In 2019, when he was first nominated for the award, 
BTS won two categories, "Best Group" and "Best K-pop," and in 2020, BTS won four gold medals, including "Best Pop," "Best K-pop," "Best Choreography," and "Best Group."

Last year, 
BTS won the Best Group, Best K-pop, and Song of Summer categories, and tied for the "2021 MTV VMA" with Olivia Rodrigo and Lil Nas X.

In addition to "Group of the Year," BLACKPINK was named in the "Best Metaverse Performance" category (Black Pink) and member LALISA in the "Best K-pop" category.

In particular, "Best Metaverse Performance," in which both BTS and BLACKPINK were nominated, was newly established for the first time this year. BLACKPINK was nominated for "PUBG MOBILE" in-game concert, and BTS was nominated for performance in Minecraft.

In addition, BLACKPINK will perform on the stage of MTV VMAs as a performer. BLACKPINK is the first K-pop female artist to be invited to the MTV VMAs stage, which is considered one of the four major U.S. pop music awards along with the Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and American Music Awards.

This is the fourth girl group to appear on MTV VMAs after TLC, Spice Girls, and Pipps Harmony. Considering the history of MTV VMAs, which began in 1987, the presence of BLACKPINK can be confirmed.

In addition, the group "SEVT" has been nominated for three categories, including the Best K-pop category, "Best New Artist" and "Push Performance of the Year."

In the best K-pop category, in addition to the BTS "Old to Com," Lisa "Lalisa," and Seventeen's "Hot," ITZY "Loco," Stray Kids' "Maniac" and TWICE's "The Feels" were also selected as candidates.

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