The idol group THE BOYZ's first world tour "THE BOYZ WORLD TOUR: THE B-ZONE IN SEOUL ENCORE" ended splendidly at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul.

More than 8,000 cheers welcomed THE BOYZ filled the concert hall. THE BOYZ finished the finale of their first world tour at 5 p.m. on the 7th. He showed the stronghold of the fourth-generation representative boy group, expressing that all performances were sold out.

THE BOYZ started performing in Seoul on the 5th. I met about 24,000 fans, 8,000 a day. It is an encore Seoul concert that wraps up the first world tour "The B Zone" that opened in May, starting with Los Angeles (LA).

Younghoon made The B's heart flutter with his unexpected actions from the start. Younghoon ran out to see his fans closer. However, the unexpected action was thoroughly planned. The B cheered when Younghoon said he had been thinking about what to show an hour ago.

"The only boys who will be in the hearts of the public". It was the slogan of THE BOYZ, who debuted in 2017. Their goals were met. The concert hall was colored with the individuality of each of the 10 members. The reflection of the members on the concert's electronic display. The fans who shout loudly every single one of themselves. This is the moment when the love between the singer and the fan stands out.

The movement of the cross based on the center of the stage is also impressive. It is a movement plan that highlights the concerns and considerations of artists who want to have physical contact with their fans as much as possible.

The three-hour performance was colorful. The opening is "Memberick" made up of a band version. It showed a powerful yet distinctive performance. The Golden Disc version of "Shine Shine" further boosted the concert atmosphere.

In particular, THE BOYZ's lovely charm, "Fantasy Confession," made the stage move blossom. THE BOYZ members with personal cameras. The faces of THE BOYZ members reflected in real time on the large screen of the concert hall made The B's heart flutter like the song title "Fantasy Confession."

On this day, Derby Zone's dress code was white. THE BOYZ took white colors from each stage, revealing their own freshness and boyish beauty. In response, Derby also matched the dress code in white. The cheering stick, which shook for three hours, showed sincerity toward THE BOYZ.

The meaning of penetrating the world tour 'The B Zone' is eternity and love. The world tour did not show the entire 11 members. It's because Eric stopped working due to health reasons. THE BOYZ united to fill the vacancy of the members and proved it on stage. The new song "Timeless," which was introduced for the first time on the day, boasted solid teamwork with colorful group dance and part distribution.

THE BOYZ said they thought about their relationship with their fans through a press conference. It was difficult to meet fans due to COVID-19. It contained gratitude and love for fans in the new song, and became the theme of the world tour "The B Zone."

Meanwhile, THE BOYZ ended their first world tour with a concert in Seoul. THE BOYZ will later work with the title track "WHISPER" of their seventh mini album "BE AWARE."

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