A teaser video for the new music video of the group BLANK2Y (DK, LOUIS, Donghyuk, Siwoo, MIKEY, U, Youngbin, Sungjun, Sodam) has been released.

The teaser video for the new album "K2Y II : PASSION "FUEGO," which was opened on the official YouTube channel at midnight on the 21st and 22nd, contained a grand worldview as if watching a movie.

Through the two videos, we divided the world into "Normal" and "Another" in another parallel world, and implicitly expressed the story of BLANK2Y members becoming mutants with superpowers.

In particular, each of them gained their own superpowers such as mind control, chollian, gravity control, time adjustment, healing, space connection, size change, transparency, and foresight, and showed the members reborn as mutants through various settings such as "synchization."

The teaser video caught the attention of the attention with its colorful visual beauty, CG elements, mysterious directing skills, and members Mikey, U, and Donghyuk narrating Japanese, Chinese and English, respectively.

Meanwhile, BLANK2Y will release "K2Y II: PASSION "FUEGO" through various music sites at noon on the 24th and start activities.

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