The first group concept photo of boy group BLANK2Y's new album "K2Y II: PASSION [FUEGO]" has been released.

In the red version group concept photo, which was opened on the official SNS channel at midnight on the 13th, BLANK2Y members created a chic atmosphere in black and red matching outfits and showed off their colorful and sleek visuals along with strong eyes.

In particular, BLANK2Y, which left a strong impact on fans around the world with the red version group concept photo following the red version personal concept photo, is drawing attention from fans by signaling unlimited concept performance.

BLANK2Y's new album "K2Y II: PASSION [FUEGO]" contains Blanky's endless passion and ambition to show more intense energy to fans around the world.

Meanwhile, BLANK2Y will release its new album "K2Y II: PASSION [FUEGO]" through various online music sites at noon on the 24th.

BLANK2Y is a nine-member multinational boy band from KEYSTONE Entertainment, which debuted on May 24, 2022.

The group name BLANK2Y is a combination of "BLANK (blank, margin)" and "KEY (key, clue)" and means "key to open an empty space."

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