With Black Pink's comeback just a week away, individual teaser videos for each member were first released.

YG Entertainment posted four teaser videos of BLACKPINK's second full-length album "Pink Venom" on its official blog on the 12th.

Jisoo created an elegant atmosphere with a large ribbon of neckline, and Jenny predicted a different charm with eye makeup using Gemstone. Rose tied her mysterious ash gray-toned hair in pigtails to create a dynamic sexy look, while Lisa with long red straight hair filled the screen with deep, dark eyes.

Each of them is a 14-second short video, but the impact is intense. Along with the tense BGM sound, the shaking afterimage of the four members in the glass cage contrasted with a speedy screen transition, raising questions about the concept of the new song.

YG explained that the new song "Pink Venom," which will be pre-released on August 19, is a song that expresses BLACKPINK's unique charm more deeply and intensely. Starting with this song, BLACKPINK will show off its overwhelming presence and release its second full-length album [BORN PINK] on September 16.

It's been a year and 10 months since BLACKPINK made a comeback as a whole As two new music videos with the highest production costs of YG are scheduled, various new record marches are drawing attention to the reputation of "YouTube Queen."

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