BAE173 expressed its strong ambition to become a new gem of K-pop.

BAE173 (Jaymin, Hangyul, Yujun, Mujin, Junseo, Youngseo, Doha, Light, Dohyun) recently had an interview with Sports Seoul at Pocket Doll Studio in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul, ahead of the release of their fourth mini-album "ODYSEY:DaSH" on the 17th.

Odyssey Dash tells the story of nine members to become the Odyssey of K-pop, starting with the opening of a new journey, Odyssey.

BAE173, who will return to the Odyssey series, which means "a long journey full of experience," after finishing the INTERSECTION series, explained, "If Intersection was like our self-introduction, the Odyssey series is an album that signals our ambition and new beginning in the K-pop market."

The album contains a total of four tracks, including the title track "DaSH", "get him UGH", "toez", and "dash" instrumental version. The title song "Dash" contains the members' strong will to run to the top no matter what difficulties they have.

The youngest member of the team, Do-hyun, said, "Musically, it's a song that expresses the members well. It is a hip-hop song with impressive groove and vocal rap and impressive beats and bass. "It has the ambition to continue to run forward even in a world of oppression," he said.

In particular, he, who participated in the work of each album, proved his musical growth and passion by producing all the songs of the new album "Odisei Dash" and putting his name on the credits of the entire album.

Regarding the reason for participating in the composition of the title song "Dash," he said, "I took courage and said first that I wanted to try the title song, and the company liked it." I was greedy, but I didn't want to miss this opportunity, so I worked as hard as I could."

Regarding the focus, he said, "I thought the members were well aware of their colors and strengths, and if I took on the song, I thought I could show a song that fits and shows BAE173 better than anyone else," adding, "I chose the genre I am most confident in." He also stressed, "As a member, I worked with the team members thinking about performances that could stand out."

The members also lavished trust and support for Do-hyun. Hangyul said, "We prepared hard together because the youngest Do-hyun participated in the album a lot," and Jun-seo said, "I think it will be an album that can show us better than any other album by composing and distributing parts by Do-hyun, who knows our colors the best."

"When I recorded the song, I trusted Do-hyun completely. I used honorifics and respected him as a producer, not as an older brother or a younger brother," he added.

BAE173, which finished its first fan meeting in Tokyo, Japan in May, is set to hold an online and offline concert in Japan in September. Do-hyun said, "When I'm active abroad, I only have good memories," and added, "I want to go anywhere besides Japan." Since it debuted during the COVID-19, it seems meaningful to meet and perform with fans. I want to have a lot of concerts and fan meetings."

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