ATEEZ has released a new choreography video to mark the 20 million views of the "Guerrilla" music video.

The music video of the title song "Guerrilla," which was released with the release of ATEEZ's new book "The World Episode 1: Movement" on the 29th, achieved 20 million cumulative views in eight days.

It is another self-shortening record following the previous record of surpassing 10 million views in 12 hours immediately after the music video was released.

The choreography video, released on ATEEZ's official YouTube channel on the afternoon of the 6th, drew attention with the perfect group dance of the eight members, who appeared naturally and stylishly, as well as delivered the dynamic feeling of each member's movement and gesture as a "moving version."

"Guerrilla" is a song about ATEEZ's movement to make changes in repressed and emotionally controlled places, and ATEEZ in the music video conducts guerrilla operations through their missions throughout the city.

In the end, the music video, which depicts ATEEZ, who succeeded in shouting for the world as if a small vibration became a big echo, received a hot response by giving a movie-like immersion.

In particular, ATEEZ members' facial expressions, such as Min Gi's handstand rapping and waving flags, left a deep impression, and the ending scene of ATEEZ's music video, which always contains hints for the next album, heated up online again.

In addition, ATEEZ topped KBS 2TV's "Music Bank" on the 5th, making a new history every day, winning its first terrestrial top spot since its debut, as well as winning three music shows after this comeback.

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