Netflix's new series "SURINAM" will captivate viewers around the world with a completely reproduced South American landscape.

"SURINAM" is a Netflix series that tells the story of a civilian who is falsely accused of being a drug godfather who took control of Suriname, a South American country, accepting a secret mission from the NIS.

"SURINAM," which is full of exotic attractions such as colors and scenery that have never been seen before, was born into a world that "mixed the colors of South America (art director Kim Byung-han) with the multiculturalism of Suriname."

From a space that shows South America's unique lively atmosphere, such as jungle, palm trees, and colorful patterns, to an individual space that shows the characters of Jeon Yo-hwan (Hwang Jung-min) and Chen Jin (Jang Chen) who dominate Surinam, the production team set up a world for "SURINAM" only in the Dominican Republic, Jeju, and Jeonju.

Director Yoon Jong-bin, who is good at creating a living world for reality, and producer Kang Myung-chan, who had abundant filming experience in South America, perfectly harmonized and filled the projects that seemed impossible one by one.

The Dominican Republic, an overseas filming location, was the best choice made in line with the concept of the work. The Dominican Republic, which has provided numerous film and drama filming locations, has already had a sufficient production environment, and director Yoon Jong-bin and the production team were able to finish filming safely for two months in a strange but comfortable environment.

The solo performance at the presidential palace, which will clearly show the position of Jeon Yo-hwan, who dominated SURINAM, was filmed at the actual presidential palace in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The site, which is also famous for the location of the movie "The Godfather 2," has been set up with locally produced furniture to enhance reality. Wallpaper, flooring, doors, and windows brought locally were also installed in spaces filmed at domestic sets to continue the local atmosphere.

Jeon Yo-hwan's mansion, which looks almost like a royal palace, was filmed in various parts of the Dominican Republic, Jeju Island, Jeonju, Muju, Anseong, Seoul, and Bundang in search of an exotic atmosphere, overwhelming size, and each space where Jeon Yo-hwan's charisma could stand out.

Jeon Yo-hwan's mansion, which art director Kim Byung-han cited as "a place where many parts of places were important enough to be combined," was reborn as a space tailored to the atmosphere and character of the work by building a fountain in the actual space and adding sets and CG. Chinatown, home to Chenjin, was built on an open set in Jeonju.

This space, where Cho Woo-jin praised highly, saying, "Detail is the king of kings," meets Korean sets and local street sources filmed in the Dominican Republic to add a sense of realism.

Director Yoon Jong-bin and the production team, who toured Chinatowns in various countries in South America, designed a more distinctive space than it actually was, and even small props such as outlets, boxes, bicycles, and plastic bags were airlifted locally to complete details of different levels.

On top of that, actors in the role of mercenaries from the Dominican Republic and the United States fill the space, creating a sense of intimidation. The costumes they wore were also purchased and sent by the local costume director himself, showing a unique sense of South America.

Coach Yoon Jong-bin, who made production possible, which was almost impossible, expressed confidence, saying, "You won't be able to tell whether it was taken in Jeju Island or in Dominica."

Expectations are mounting as the first sidewalk steel, which was unveiled together, is full of unique attractions that can only be seen in "SURINAM," including Jeon Yo-hwan's mansion filled with props with different designs from Korea.

"SURINAM" will be released worldwide on September 9th through Netflix.

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