Growth continues even in the ninth year of his debut. Group WINNER (Kang Seung-yoon, Kim Jin-woo, Song Min-ho, and Lee Seung-hoon) set another own best record.

According to Hanteo Chart, sales of WINNER's fourth mini-album "HOLIDAY" released on July 8 exceeded 130,000 copies as of the afternoon of July 14.

As a result, WINNER broke its own record for initial sales (sales for a week after its release). Previously, the highest sales volume was 103,014 copies recorded with the third full-length album "Remember" released in April 2020.

The new record is all the more meaningful because it was achieved despite two years of military service. Kim Jin-woo and Lee Seung-hoon officially resumed their team activities through this album after completing their military duties in December last year and January this year, respectively.

While the previous work "Remember" was the final work of WINNER's first act, which has continued since its official debut in the music industry in 2014, the new album "HOLIDAY" is an album that marks the start of WINNER's second act, which will unfold anew and brilliantly.

Although it was not a short hiatus, public interest in WINNER is still hot. Through this new album, WINNER topped iTunes charts in 18 regions around the world and topped domestic music charts.

In particular, the comeback guerrilla performance "HOLIDAY IN THE CITY" held at the Mulbit Stage in Yeouido, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, on the 10th, attracted as many as 20,000 spectators and felt its strong popularity.

In addition, WINNER proved its "seasonal WINNER" aspect by showing high popularity whenever it released various contents such as WonderK's "Idol Appearance" and Dingo Music's "Killing Voice" video.

Based on the performance of Lee Seung-hoon, a member who is the owner of excellent wit, the modifier "Smile Spoon" (an expression that refers to a person who gives a big laugh without much effort) was also added.

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