The group TOMORROW X TOGETHER heated up New York in the U.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER (SOOBIN, YEONJUN, BEOMGYU, TAEHYUN, HUENINGKAI) appeared on ABC's "GOOD MORNING AMERICA" on July 11 (local time). They conducted live interviews at GMA's New York studio and performed the title song "Good Boy Gone Bad" from "minisode 2: Thursday's Child".

Prior to the broadcast, TOMORROW X TOGETHER briefly greeted fans who gathered near the local studio. The GMA broadcasted this scene in real time, introducing Tomorrow by Together as a "K-pop sensation," and praised fans who maintain order despite the crowds as "a great crowd."

In an interview, TXT said, "I performed in the U.S. in 2019, and I'm happy to be back. It will perform in seven cities (in the U.S.) on its first world tour. We came here to have a good time, but we actually had a great time (in the last performance)."

"TXT is considered one of the most important voices of K-pop. You're communicating directly with Generation Z around the world," explained TOMORROW X TOGETHER, "It's an honor to give us that title. Many of the songs we released are talking about 'growth' in common. Thank you for giving us courage, and we will show you a better performance."

After the interview, TOMORROW X TOGETHER heated up the heat with the performance of 'Good Boy Gone Bad'. When the powerful and restrained performance of those with dark facial expressions ended, the staff in the studio responded enthusiastically, applauding and cheering.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER then had a live interview on the official Twitch channel of Rolling Stone, a leading music magazine in the United States. In a broadcast titled "TOMORROW X TOGETHER brought energy to Rolling Stone's studio on Monday morning," fans around the world sent messages of support and love through real-time chat even before TOMORROW X TOGETHER appeared.

Rolling Stone talked with Tomorrow X Together on various topics such as "The Dream Chapter," "The Chaos Chapter," music and performances leading to the "minisode" series, and their first world tour.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER said, "I want to say that the world tour is the beginning of our journey, because we are looking forward to our future more. Our biggest goal is to meet more people around the world while doing music for a long time," he said.

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