Studio Dragon's "The King of Pigs" has been officially invited to the "Fantasia Film Festival 2022" in Montreal, Canada. It is the first time in the history of the festival to screen a drama series.

The Fantasia Film Festival, which is held every summer in Montreal, Canada, is the largest genre film festival in North America, starting in 1996 and marking its 26th anniversary this year. This year, it will be held from July 14 to August 3, and high-quality genres released around the world will be released through this place and awards ceremonies will be held.

Based on a feature animation of the same name produced by director Yeon Sang-ho, "The King of Pigs" tells the story of two children who experienced brutal school violence together growing into serial killers and homicide detectives, respectively, and they met again.

20 years ago, a murderer who left a message to his friend, a detective who had to chase his friend, and a third person who looked at them. Past events hidden in the veil are revealed to the world.

This work shows the classes and conflicts formed in schools and the lives of humans transformed under the influence of these relationships, asking the question of "Who is the real monster?" It was adapted for a total of 12 episodes, featuring the rough atmosphere of the original, unique narrative, and results. In March, it was exclusively released through TVing and received attention.

Fantasia Film Festival said, "I was worried about the invitation of the drama series because it was the first time, and after internal discussions, I decided to screen four episodes of 'King of Pigs' in a row," adding, "I'm very excited to introduce 'King of Pigs' to Fantasia."

He then commented on "The King of Pigs," saying, "It is an attractive and unexpected action product," adding, "This series touches not only great visual beauty and narratives, but also school violence and class struggles that have been left as trauma for a lifetime."

Studio Dragon producer Kim Kyung-kyu said, "I am happy to introduce 'King of Pigs' to various audiences through the largest film festival in North America," adding, "I will attend the event in person at the end of July and have time to communicate with the audience and journalists."

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