The group Stray Kids successfully wrapped up their second world tour in Newark, the first venue in the U.S.

On June 28 and 29 (local time), Stray Kids held a solo concert at the Prudential Center in Newark, USA, and pre-hosted the world tour "Stray Kids 2nd World Tour "MANIAC" (Stray Kids' second world tour "Maniac").

The Newark performance added to expectations with a face-to-face concert in the U.S., which will be held in about two years and five months after the Stray Kids World Tour "District 9: Unlock" in Los Angeles in February 2020. The concert was sold out in both sessions, realizing the enthusiastic local response.

Stray Kids announced the start of the performance with "MANIAC," the title track of the album "ODDINARY," which topped the U.S. Billboard's main chart "Billboard 200," and proved its K-performance leader by performing hit songs such as "God's Menu," "Back Door," which imprinted the group's identity.

Scars (Korean Ver.) (Scarls) performance, which was a song from the second full-length album NOEASY (NOEASY) that was highly popular among local fans, and the full version of Bang Chan and Hyunjin's unit song "obsession" and the lyrics that showed the members' firm determination, filled the audience's satisfaction. It also proved its originality with performances that reinterpreted Korean culture such as traditional clothing and art in Stray Kids' own way.

Stray Kids showed their sincerity in recording the encore event video in English so that local STAYs (fandom name: STAY) can sing along and enjoy it together. It is also rumored that he made special efforts to convey his affection to local fans who met after a long time by presenting an impromptu band live and expressing their feelings.

On April 2 of the first half of this year, Stray Kids topped the Billboard main chart "Billboard 200" for the third time in K-pop artist history, leaving a meaningful record in Korean pop history. It ranked on the chart for seven consecutive weeks, further strengthening the aspect of K-pop's popular group.

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