The group PURPLE KISS has released an additional teaser video for the music video of "Nerdy".

Purple Kiss (Park Ji-eun, Nag-eun, Doshi, Ire, Yuki, Chae-in, and Suan) released two music video teasers for the title song "Nerdy" of their fourth mini-album "Geekyland" on July 23 on their official SNS.

In the released video, Purple Kiss wearing a mask of unique visuals appears, giving off a strange atmosphere and catching the eye from the beginning.

He then performed a perfect group dance to the addictive sound of "Nerdy." He showed the true value of the "performance master" by showing a performance preview that makes people look forward to the stage of the new song.

Along with the intense performance synergy of the seven members, the unique eyes, expressions, and gestures left a strong impact.

In particular, the catchy melody and the captivating voice of Purple Kiss shouting "OK, I'm Nerdy" were added to raise expectations for the complete song.

The music video is also expected to portray a witty story that goes before the world to create a world dominated by the marginalized.

Purple Kiss will release its fourth mini-album "Geekyland" on the afternoon of the 25th.

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