Group Omega X has boosted the heat of its first world tour.

On July 23, his agency Spire Entertainment opened a surprise world tour poster on Omega X's official SNS channel, amplifying global fans' interest.

In the poster released, "CONNECT: Don't give up" written at the top of the poster, showing the image of Omega X on the stage in a dark background, gives a glimpse of the firm will.

In addition, as it is Omega X's first tour, it attracted more attention through the pre-release of the poster, raising expectations.

Earlier, Omega X officially announced the news of its first world tour concert, and announced that it will meet fans across six cities in six Latin American countries in September, and that it will continue to perform in 14 North American cities in October.

OmegaX, which announced that it will communicate more closely with global fans by reporting the news of the world tour, is expected to attract fans by opening detailed schedules through announcements later.

Omega X is an 11-member boy band from Spire Entertainment, which debuted on June 30, 2021.

Omega X is a group consisting of members from audition programs and existing boy groups. Such a group has often been in K-pop history, showing the biggest success among them.

The group name OMEGA X implies that it will realize various values together from its first meeting with fans to the last moment of achieving its dreams, including new beginnings and dreams in the Greek alphabet, "Omega," and infinite love and hope in "X."

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