Idol group NCT 127, which is on its second world tour, also successfully completed its Singapore concert.

NCT 127 held "NEO CITY: SINGAPORE - THE LINK" (Neo City: Singapore - The Link) at Singapore's Indore Stadium on July 2 and excited more than 9,000 people with fantastic music and performances.

The concert was NCT 127's solo concert in Singapore for the first time in about three years since July 2019, and received enthusiastic responses from local fans, including selling out all seats at the same time as the ticket was opened.

At the concert, NCT 127 fascinated the audience with a variety of 32 songs, including hits such as Sticker, Hero, and Cherry Bomb, as well as emotional ballads such as Back 2 U, Tomorrow's Me and White Night, English versions of Highway to Heaven, and solo stages by members.

In addition, the audience not only enjoyed the performance passionately, but also held special events such as singing a birthday song in Korean for Taeyong, who celebrated his birthday on the 1st, and the members said, "I'm so happy to see you again. The support you sent me today was the best, and I sincerely thank you," he said.

Meanwhile, NCT 127 will host a special live "Roll up to the party: NCT 1276TH ANNIVERSARY" on YouTube's NCT 127 channel and TikTok's NCT channel from 7:07 p.m. on July 7 to mark the 6th anniversary of its debut.

NCT 127 is a 10-member multinational boy group from SM Entertainment, which debuted on July 7, 2016, and is the second unit to debut in NCT.

NCT 127's "127" means Seoul's longitude and will be mainly active in Korea and Japan. In other words, it contains the ambition to promote K-POP to the world because it is active around Seoul, the home of K-POP.

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