Namsan Seoul Tower is one of the must-visit places for foreign tourists visiting Seoul.

"Namsan Seoul Tower" is Korea's first comprehensive radio tower that combines efficient broadcasting transmission and reception with the function of a tourism observation facility that utilizes Korea's traditional beauty, and was built for the future of broadcasting culture and tourism industry.

Just as the world's famous towers have become a symbol of the country or its city, the ``Namsan Seoul Tower'' has also served as Korea's leading tourist destination and symbol of Seoul for the past 40 years.

In the past, it was called Namsan Tower because it only served as a simple radio tower, but now it is often called N Seoul Tower, the name of an observatory and complex cultural space operated by CJ Foodville.

"Namsan Seoul Tower" has become the subject of citizens' interest and love due to the height, unique structure, and shape of the tower viewed from all parts of Seoul, and has solidified its position as the number one tourist attraction favored by domestic and foreigners.

Recently, it has become a filming location for various entertainment and dramas that have driven the Korean Wave, and it is a place where domestic and foreign tourists continue to visit.

The Namsan Cable Car, which climbed Namsan Seoul Tower, first operated in 1962, and has been in operation for more than 50 years. From Hoehyeon-dong platform to Yejang-dong platform at the top of Namsan Mountain, the length is about 600m, the speed is 3.2m per second on average, and the one-way operation time is about 3 minutes.

You can walk 7-8 minutes from Myeong-dong Station to the Namsan Cable Car boarding building, or from Exit 1 of Myeong-dong Station or Seoul Square Bus Station to the parking lot of Namsan Cable Car by shuttle bus.

After going straight from Myeong-dong Station to Hoehyeon Intersection, go up to the left, go to the cable car platform by Namsan Ormi (escalator), and go to Namsan Seoul Tower by Namsan Cable Car, and it takes 15 to 20 minutes.

It is in the middle of Seoul, and even though it is a landmark that anyone in Seoul knows, it is not very crowded, so you can spend time leisurely. The biggest point is that it is located on a mountain and cannot come by car or taxi. However, the number of visitors increases significantly during the year-end and New Year holidays.

Drinking is prohibited in Namsan Park, but it is allowed in and around Namsan Seoul Tower and sells simple beer.

Just below the Namsan Seoul Tower, tens of thousands of locks are hung on the fence, which is called a love lock, and it has become a custom for couples to visit here and hang locks to keep their love from being broken.

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