From Park Chan-wook's fascinating melodrama to Kim Han-min's Turtle Ship. Park Hae-il shakes the audience with a completely different charm this summer and leads the theater.

Actor Park Hae-il will release two works this summer. Park Hae-il is meeting the audience with Park Chan-wook's movie "Decided to Break Up," which was released on April 29. "Deciding to Break Up" is a movie about a detective, Hae-hae (Park Hae-il), who investigates a death case in the mountain, meeting the deceased's wife, Seorae (Tang Wei), and feeling both suspicious and interested.

Park Hae-il worked with Park Chan-wook for the first time through "Decision to Break Up." It is also the first time he has played a detective role since his debut. There were many detective characters in Korean movies, but it's your first time playing a detective. Come to think of it, Park Hae-il is more familiar to the audience as a suspect in "Memories of Murder" than a detective.

In "Resolution to Break Up," Park Hae-il portrayed Hae-joon, his own detective, which is different from the detective we have seen so far. He is a detective who is confused whether he is interrogating or dating. Unlike any detective in Korean movies, Park Hae-il did not use the typicality of the character "Detective" and created the character with his own charm in the Mise-en-scene drawn by director Park Chan-wook.

Park Hae-il, who looks good and sometimes funny, breathes classic and humorous in the movie. The romance with Tang Wei drawn in it impresses the audience. Park Hae-il shines in Park Chan-wook's fascinating melodrama, perfectly melting into Tang Wei.

Park Hae-il will then meet the audience in a row with the movie Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon, which will be released on July 27. Hansan: The Appearance of a Dragon (hereinafter referred to as "Hansan") is a war action masterpiece depicting the Battle of Hansan Sea between Admiral Yi Sun-shin and the Joseon Navy, who united with desperate strategies and spirit to protect Joseon against the advancing Japanese troops five years before the Battle of Myeongnyang. Park Hae-il will work with director Kim Han-min for the third time through "Hansan" after "The Murder of Geungnakdo Island" (2007) and historical drama action "Final Byeonggi Hwall" (2011).

Park Hae-il played the role of Admiral Yi Sun-shin in Hansan, which is the sequel to "The Admiral's Roaring Currents," which drew 17 million viewers and depicts the story before "The Admiral's Roaring Currents." It is expected to show a wise leader as Lee Soon-shin, a general who protects the sea of Joseon, which is on the defensive against the enemy.

Park Hae-il, who played the role of an incompetent king in the movie "Namhansanseong Fortress," will turn into a general leading the war this time. I wonder how he expressed his charismatic image of Admiral Yi Sun-shin and his anguish.

Many people often say that both good and evil coexist in Park Hae-il's face. It is a good face, but it seems to have hidden something according to its expression, sometimes sly and sometimes helpless. Park Hae-il also knows his power well, so he has always challenged and transformed without settling for a character of a similar color in any genre.

In Melonam of Chrysanthemum Scent, Park Hae-il was a graduate student of Jealousy My Power, an old professor in his 80s from Baeksu uncle of Monster, and Kim Jang, the real person in Princess Deokhye. Park Hae-il always changed and showed what he had in him.

In particular, this year, he will transform from a suspect to a detective, an incompetent king to a wise general, breaking his image and showing off his new charm to his heart's content. I look forward to Park Hae-il's summer, which will be hotter than anyone else this year.

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