Kim Chae-won, a member of the group LESSERAFIM, will play as a special MC for "SBS Inkigayo."

LESSERAFIM leader Kim Chae-won will appear as a special MC on SBS Inkigayo, which will air at 3:50 p.m. on the 24th. Kim Chae-won will be a special MC for two weeks on behalf of MC Yeon-jun, who has been away for a while due to his overseas tour schedule, and will lead the program with Noh Jung-ui and Seo Sum-jun.

Expectations are high on what kind of charm Kim Chae-won, who has established herself as the "All-Rounder" leader of LESSERAFIM with excellent singing and dancing skills, will show as a special MC for "Inkigayo."

Meanwhile, on today's broadcast, a number of popular groups will make a comeback in July, which will heat up the music industry. SEVENTEEN, who returned with their fourth full-length repackage album, will visit fans with the title song "World" (_WORLD) stage. "World (_WORLD)" is a song in the genre of punk and Urban R&B, and it is ready to shoot fans with the meaning of leaving all possibilities open for those with SEVENTEEN to interpret the world they want from various perspectives.

Espa provides dynamic energy with the title song "Girls" from its second mini album and the track "Illusion." "Girls" is a dance song with a strong wobble base and rough texture synth sound, which combines Espa's unique powerful rapping and performance. Attention is focusing on what legendary stage will be made with the song, which features the last episode of Season 1 of Espa Worldview.

STAY is also continuing their comeback fever. STAY's third single album title track "Beautiful Monster" is a song about the fear behind happiness called love, giving off more mature energy from the existing teen fresh mood. Stacey's musical growth will be clearly shown with explosive vocals that feel each of the six members' individuality.

In addition, Hyun-ah, WINNER, Apink Cho-Bom, ITZY, Hyolyn, Chungha, WJSN, P1Harmony, Xdinary Heroes, MCND, Lapillus, Bleachers, and IRIS will appear on the show. SBS Inkigayo airs every Sunday at 3:50 p.m.

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