The aviation disaster film "EMERGENCY DECLARATION" (directed by Han Jae-rim, produced by MAGNUM 9) has been pre-sold in 169 countries around the world, confirming the simultaneous theater release in major countries.

"EMERGENCY DECLARATION," which is expected to be the only aviation disaster drama this summer, has been pre-sold in 169 countries, including the United States, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, before its release. At the same time, it is a hot topic as it is preparing to be released simultaneously around the world.

Starting with its domestic release on August 3, "EMERGENCY DECLARATION" has confirmed overseas release dates in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand on August 4 and the United States, Canada, Taiwan on August 16 and Australia on August 18. In addition, each country is preparing for its release, so it will visit theaters around the world.

"EMERGENCY DECLARATION" is a universal story that everyone can relate to in special situations, and is receiving global attention. It is all the more meaningful to pre-sale and simultaneous release overseas as it is highly praised for its stories through the times such as "strong yet modern disaster movies," "smart movies that penetrate society," and "movies that are more convincing to us now."

Well Go USA, a North American distributor of "EMERGENCY DECLARATION," said, "We are very happy to introduce the "emergency declaration" to North American audiences at a time when interest in K-content is higher than ever." "Emergency Declaration," which boasts a thrilling composition and super-luxury casting, prides itself on being a movie where waiting is not a waste," he said, expressing generous praise.

Hong Kong distributor Edko Films said, "One of the best Korean masterpieces of late. The intense and emotional "emergency declaration" will be a movie that defines what a true disaster movie is in the future," he said.

Australian distributor Purple Plan also said, "I'm very excited to distribute the works that everyone has been looking forward to to to Australia and New Zealand. The Emergency Declaration, which boasts an eye-catching storyline and spectacular cast, is expected to mark a new milestone in aviation disaster movies, he said.

In response, the overseas team of the showbox said, "EMERGENCY DECLARATION" has received great attention and attention to the extent that overseas buyers have made a pioneering sale along with the production decision. Overseas distributors, who have been waiting for the release since last year's Cannes Film Festival Premier, are also preparing for the release with active promotions, raising expectations for success in overseas regions.

"EMERGENCY DECLARATION" is a story about an airplane that declared unconditional landing due to an unprecedented air terror. Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun, Jeon Do-yeon, Kim Nam-gil, Im Si-wan, Kim So-jin and Park Hae-jin appeared, and was directed by Han Jae-rim, director of "The King," "The Appearance," and "Elegant World."

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