ITZY's new mini-album "CHECKMATE," which is exploding in popularity in Korea, surpassed 472,394 initial albums in a week, setting its own initial sales record.

According to the agency JYP Entertainment on the 23rd, ITZY's new album "Checkmate" sold 472,394 copies of the album's first album "CRAZY IN LOVE" in the first week of the album's release, easily surpassing 259,705 copies.

The record makers expect the sales record to continue for some time as Dreamers, the record distributor of the new album, has already released 720,000 copies and additional orders continue to increase.

K-pop fans around the world are also enthusiastic about the title song "SNEAKERS" of the album "Checkmate." The music video for "Snickers" topped YouTube Trending Worldwide on the 15th, the day of its release, and recorded 50 million YouTube views in four days. In addition, it surpassed 70 million views on the 21st and re-verified its aspect as a "YouTube powerhouse" by rapidly reaching 100 million views.

In addition, ITZY is actively promoting new songs through the shortform content "#Sneakers Challenge." It heated up online with various combination versions of ITZY members and videos with various artists such as JYP Entertainment's representative producer Park Jin-young and TWICE's Nayeon, seniors of the agency.

As of the afternoon of the 22nd, the number of views on related hashtag content on the global short video application TikTok reached 150 million, and the total number of snickers challenge shorts videos on ITZY's official YouTube exceeded 10 million views.

ITZY will appear on the YouTube channel of CBS' popular talk show "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on the morning of the 23rd to present the performance of "SNEAKERS."

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