IST Entertainment's new boy group ATBO is drawing attention with its debut album concept with strong "Newtro" sensibility.

On the 17th, IST Entertainment, the agency, released the second concept photo of its debut album "The Beginning: The Beginning: 花)'" through ATBO's official SNS and caught the attention of fans.

In the released second concept photo, ATBO immediately overwhelms the eyes with a "hip" emotional "newtro" styling that exquisitely combines the past and the present.

ATBO, which perfectly pulls off trendy items with intense yellow point colors, retro ball caps, gloves, and wide pants, is amplifying global K-pop fans' expectations for their debut album, providing a fresh charm that is completely different from the first concept photo, which drew attention with a monotone dandy suit.

The new boy group ATBO, ambitiously presented by IST Entertainment, which includes Apink, VICTON, THE BOYZ, and Weekly, is a seven-member boy group with solid skills including Oh Joon-seok, Ryu Jun-min, Bae Hyun-joon, Seokrakwon, Jung Seung-hwan, Kim Yeon-kyu, and Won-bin.

ATTBO, which was born in May through Kakao TV-MBN survival program "The Origin - A, B, Or What?" stands for "AT the Beginning of Originality," and is a name that expresses their ambition to tell their own new and original stories.

According to officials, ATBO will release its debut album "The Beginning: Blossom" on the 27th. In line with the team name's meaning of "the beginning of originality," the official said that ATBO's unique message will be delivered through an original concept using light, darkness, and color as keywords.

Expectations are high on how ATBO, which has made a bold appearance in the global K-pop market this summer, will prove its charm through its debut album, which will be released amid expectations on the 27th.

Meanwhile, ATBO's debut album "The Beginning: Blossoming" will be released on various major music sites at 6 p.m. on the 27th.

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