STAYC (Su-min, Si-eun, Isa, Se-eun, Yoon, Jae-yi) will release its third single album "WE NEED LOVE" at 6 p.m. on the 19th.

STAYC, which has continued to shine by releasing hit songs and renewing career high in each activity, is adding to expectations by heralding a further musical and visual upgrade through this album.

Evolved STAY, "Everyone is a main vocal group"

Through this album, STAYC will show solid growth beyond the limits of each member's voice. STAYC fills a total of four tracks, including the title song "Beautiful Monster," "I LIKE IT," "LOVE," and "RUN2U" with six colorful voice colors with individuality and color.

In particular, STAYC dramatically expresses "fear," "courage" and "hope" about love throughout the entire track and delivers the message "We need love."

The title song "BEAUTIFUL MONSTER" captures the fear hidden behind the happiness of love in STAY's appealing voice, and will express delicate emotions with a deeper echo.

STAYC X Lazica, first choreography completed! Special Synergy Announcement

STAYC's title song "BEAUTIFUL MONSTER" is known to be choreographed by Lachika led by Gabi, continuing to receive enthusiastic responses from K-pop fans.

STAY, who has been loved for lovely point choreography suitable for the mood of the song, such as "Kkukkookie Dance," "Atting Dance" and "Judging Dance," and Lachika, who has proved a solid career, prove explosive synergy.

STAYC is expected to show another intense point choreography with a signature move that embodies "BEAUTIFUL MONSTER" with support from Lazica.

STAYC is expected to captivate global fans by completing a fuller stage with its unique enegetic charm.

TeenFresh's musical growth! STAYC X Black Eyed Pilseung, the greatest transformation

Earlier, STAYC drew attention by releasing a commentary video of "WEN NEED LOVE" with Black Eyed Pilseung Rado, the representative producer of High-Up Entertainment.

At the time, Rado said, "I've emphasized Teen Fresh a lot so far, but I want to be an album that breaks it this time," and added, "The music atmosphere and content have changed. "It's simple and simple," he said, hinting at the concept of the new song.

The music video teaser for "BEAUTIFUL MONSTER," which was released on the 17th, also contains free-spirited yet mysterious sound and STAYC's unique visual, signaling a different transformation than before.

As the best staff, including Black Eyed Pilseung, who knows STAY the best, Jeon Gun, and FLYT, have once again joined forces, STAYC's new musical colors and energy will be born.

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