Many foreigners are most surprised by Korean food called sannakji. sannakji is a kind of Korean seafood sashimi food, and the meaning of the name literally means 'living octopus'.

In particular, in director Park Chan-wook's movie "Old Boy," there was a scene where the main character ate live octopus, and many foreigners were shocked.

Thanks to this movie, many foreigners have learned that Koreans eat raw octopus, and foreign tourists who visit Korea challenge them as if they are challenging a difficult task.

In Korea, raw octopus dishes are placed on plates alive without killing or fainting octopus collected from the sea or mudflats. Those who already know the taste of live octopus have a custom of putting it into their mouths while the octopus is wriggling without fear. It is the same as how to eat smelt, but smelt is small and small, while octopus is a large creature.

The mainstream that goes well with live octopus is soju and beer, and those who enjoy octopus usually enjoy eating live octopus with soju and beer. Wine is not recommended.

But the important thing here is that not all Koreans like or enjoy eating live octopus. Some Koreans don't like or can't eat raw octopus.

This could be said to be a similar misunderstanding as all Koreans know how to do Taekwondo or something like that.

Not all Koreans eat live octopus. There are some Koreans who like live octopus, and some Koreans who can't eat it or don't like it.

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