WJSN showed their presence as a performance queen.

On the 3rd, WJSN released a teaser video for the music video of the title song "Last Sequence" of its special single album "Sequence" on its official SNS.

In the video, WJSN transformed into a beautiful goddess of the sea and fascinated viewers with its fascinating visuals and elegant gestures. In addition, they changed to colorful costumes that showed their individuality and then released some of the performances, amplifying questions about the stage.

As such, WJSN is raising expectations for a comeback by capturing both refreshing and hot charms in a short teaser.

The title song "Last Sequence" is a pop-style dance song that inherits WJSN's colorful performance and overflowing passion, and the wild baseline, drums and synths make the melody stand out even more. In addition, the members' delicate and cool vocals clearly expressed the sense of summer season.

WJSN, who recently won the final title after being selected by global fans in Mnet's competition program "Queendom 2," will solidify its position as a performance queen through this new song. It is expected to win the title of Summer Queen through the unique identity of WJSN and the colorful charm of each member in the pouring summer comeback battle.

"Sequence" is a special single album released in a year and four months after "UNNATURAL" was released in March last year. Not only "Last Sequence," but also the group version of "AURA" that Da Won joined, and Da Won and Yeonjung's duet song "Stronger" were filled with meaningful songs that touched fans' support.

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