The group Super Junior opened the door to their 11th full-length album.

Super Junior released their 11th full-length album Vol.1 album "The Road: Keep on Going" at 6 p.m. on July 12 and released their title song "Mango" and music video.

"Mango" is a funky pop genre song with heavy yet rhythmical bass and Cindy sound. Super Junior is an oasis that can fill the love that the other person wants, giving off a sweet and reckless charm.

"The hot sun heats up the whole world, so I feel like I'll forget how to breathe even if your heart that burned my mind and my steps are dizzy and I feel like I'm going to lose my breath," it contains a hot heart longing for love from the introduction.

The addictive melody is captivated by the sweet and reckless lyrics, saying, "The moment I come to Oasis Heaven, Sweet Just like a Mango, It feels so nice, it melts away and wants me."

A more rhythmical and trendy song was completed as the vocals of Super Junior members with different personalities were combined with the funky atmosphere.

On top of that, dancer Aiki worked together with the performance. Eun-hyuk said of the "Mango" choreography, "Thankfully, I worked on the choreography with "Supa" hero Aiki.

It was fun throughout the work because they made a good performance for us. We worked together happily while modifying our colors and atmosphere in the field," he said, raising expectations.

Meanwhile, the album includes "Don't Wait," which delicately and wittyly unravels the process of going to confess as Vol. 1, which opens the 11th full-length album, "My Wish," a highly addictive love song "Everyday," and "Always" that will give anyone a dreamy moment with a refreshing and warm atmosphere.

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