The movie Burning is Lee Chang-dong's film, released on May 17, 2018, and is his first comeback film in eight years since "Poetry". It is a work about the meeting of three young people, Jong-soo, Ben, and Hami, who have lived in their own way, and the mysterious incident that takes place between them.

It is the first international project to film Haruki Murakami's short story. It is based on Haruki's short story "Burning the Barn," but it only brought the motif of the novel and changed the character's job, personality, and story.

Basically, the framework of mystery is the same, but as described later, the movie develops with its own keywords, so there is quite a gap between the two works. William Faulkner's 1939 "Barn Burning" also influenced his work. Lee once described the movie as "the story of a young Faulkner living in Haruki's world."

When "Burning" was in the development stage of the scenario, Lee Chang-dong said about his next film at the Busan International Film Festival, "When young people look at the world these days, I can say that the idea of the world and his life is like a mystery, made with that intention."

Before and after its release, the movie is introduced with keywords "Youth" and "Mystery," and foreign and Korean media can also be seen focusing on the theme. In addition, anger, whose source is not clear, is often talked about as the central keyword of the movie. Oh Jung-mi, who wrote the scenario, even wrote the title of the movie's draft title as "Anger Project," and Lee Chang-dong also says that the movie's most starting point is the anger of modern people.

In addition, themes such as existence and nonexistence, class conflict, isolated objects, uncertainty and misunderstanding, emptiness, ideals and reality were inherent in the movie. However, there is no need to limit the movie to these keywords. Even in interviews with directors and actors, various possibilities are left open for various interpretations, excluding explanations as much as possible. In other words, it can be said that the movie Burning is a movie with a large share.

According to Burning's story, Jong-soo (Yoo Ah-in), a part-timer at a distribution company, meets Haemi (Jeon Jong-seo), who lived in the same neighborhood as a child, and is asked by her to take care of her cat while traveling to Africa. After returning from the trip, Haemi introduces Jong-soo to an unidentified man named Ben (Steven Yeon) whom she met in Africa. One day, Ben comes to Jongsu's house with Hammy and confesses about his secret hobby. From then on, the movie unfolds as Jong-soo becomes obsessed with a scary premonition.

Although anger, youth, and mystery are the main themes of the movie, the interpretations vary. There is a lot of room for interpretation from the audience's point of view because they throw a kind of perspective instead of a specific message. It is also meaningless to conclude the ending with one.

Just as the main character gave his own answer in a mysterious world, but it is unclear whether the answer is correct, even if the audience watched the movie and interpreted it, it is not even certain of its interpretation, and conventionally, it makes them recognize that the world and the movie itself are a mystery. Since the audience watches the movie in their own narrative, the diversity that results from it builds up the narrative of the work again. For this reason, it is sometimes evaluated as a movie that asks questions about 'What is a movie?'

Some critics and audiences see that interpreting the metaphor in the movie itself is rather meaningless.Therefore, many people recommend viewing each symbol only as a visual image rather than interpreting it.

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