BTS (BTS) V has surpassed 8.7 million followers of Spotify, the world's largest music platform.

V's Spotify page followers surpassed 8.7 million on July 19 and recorded 8.765,973 as of the morning of July 23.

V's Spotify page had about 5 million followers by the end of last year, with an increase of about 3.7 million this year alone.

Spotify followers have increased at a steep pace since the release of "Christmas Tree" on Christmas Eve last year, and V has been shining his presence as a solo artist, recording the largest increase among K-pop solo artists in the first half of 2022.

As of July 23, there are 1,173 K-pop artists registered on Spotify, including groups and soloists.

V rose one notch from ninth to eighth in the cumulative follower rankings, including the group and solo, on the 6th. The solo artist ranks fourth. This is an achievement made without a mixtape or personal album, suggesting V's status as a solo artist.

Although only three songs have been registered, the fact that they have topped the list of followers among K-pop solo artists for six consecutive months reflects the expectations of listeners around the world who love V's music.

It is also noteworthy that all the songs currently registered on V's Spotify page are drama OSTs. V's emotional vocals helped increase the drama's immersion and established itself as an OST king.

With the opening of a new chapter of BTS's activities, the members are preparing for a solo album. V revealed the progress of the album in detail through the Vlog "Vl DRIVE VLOG" released on the 9th.

V said, "I've arranged the references, and I've got a meeting with the director and someone to film.The problem is that the main recording has to be done, but it is constantly regrettable and is being delayed because it cannot be shown to ARMY yet. "We've made up the concept for the photo shoot. Please look forward to it."

"I'm studying and studying a lot. There are so many things I want to do, so I organized them, but I have to shoot eight music videos to do everything, so I'm picking them up," he said, raising expectations of fans who love V's music by revealing his passion for working on the album.

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