BTS Jimin topped the list of "The Best Dancing Male Idol in K-pop" for the second consecutive year, shining the dignity of the world's best dancer and BTS main dancer.

From June 26 to July 9, Jimin received a total of 4,185 votes in the "Which male idol dances best in K-pop?" survey hosted by the Japanese website NETLAB, ranking first for the second consecutive year following last year.

The NETLAB vote can only be cast in Japan, suggesting Jimin's high recognition and status as the best K-pop dancer and singer in Japan.

Jimin, who has been ranked No. 1 in the world for many years, ranked No. 1 in the "Best Male Dance 2022" poll conducted by global voting site "Dabeme Pop" for four consecutive years from 2019 to this year, and ranked No. 1 in the "Male K-POP Idol Dancer Ranking 2022" poll for 2020.

Recently, Japanese lifestyle magazine Madame Figaro Japan praised Jimin's dance in a feature article about Jimin's charm.

The media praised Jimin's dance, saying, "It's beautiful to see him dance sensual, defying gravity, and well ventilated," adding, "Jimin's existence itself is wonderful, beautiful, and pretty."

"If you look closely at Jimin's foot movements, everything can be calculated and executed beautifully, so you can move smoothly from one movement to the next," he said, noting the details of Jimin's dance, which is active as an "all-rounder dancer."

In the meantime, he paid particular attention to Jimin's unusual neck movement.

The media admired Jimin's detailed expression and flexibility, which is said to be "dancing even his hair," saying he fell in love with Jimin's tilting his neck and head when he danced.

For example, Yuzuru Hanyu, who represents Japanese men's figure skating, said, "BTS Jimin has a technique that can be shown because of his flexible body and thin lines," and "Jimin's dance is sexy, not affected by gravity, and looks beautiful."

Jimin's detailed and extraordinary expression is also highly praised by incumbent professional dancers.

Yamakai, a Japanese ballet dancer, said of Jimin, "Jimin has both the static beauty of ballet and the dynamism of K-pop dance without any sense of incompatibility.

This kind of person is very rare. In particular, the last expression acting is possible only when you are an idol,' he said. 'It's not just a dance, it's a dance art. It's amazing that idols can do this. There are no shortcomings. He is good at everything,' he said, adding, "Even if I do ballet or modern dance together, I will be able to do it." He repeatedly admired and admired Jimin's natural talent.

Matthew Bourne, a world-renowned choreographer, expressed high interest in Jimin's modern dance video, which was presented as a stage at the end of 2016, and Kim Sun-yi, a modern dance expert, praised Jimin as a "performance artist who knows how to express himself with his body."

Cho Yong-in, director of the Korea Culture and Arts Institute, said through Weverse Magazine, "Jimin's dance can be said to have opened new possibilities by meeting K-pop," and Glitter Magazine also said, "Jimin seems to have created dance by acting from his heart and sublimating his eyes and face into art."

Jimin (BTS), the main dancer and lead vocalist of the team, has been loved as the world's best "dance god" and "best idol" since his debut, playing as a key axis and main dancer that made BTS known to the world as a performance team.

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  1. Anonymous8/10/22 22:15

    >>JIMIN was #1 for 2-3 yrs by NETLAB, King's Choice, Shining, Dabeme +also MNet >> 4. Martial Arts > Taekwondo-Black Belt +Kendo-4th Dan +Hapkido +Chinese MA + Boxing +Sports> Soccer +Track+Field +Basketball +Billiards, etc! Hard worker! >>AND #1 Contemporary/Ballet Student AND Acrobatics/Gymnastics (diff. High Aeri-als/Jumps/Spins, etc), YET > he WON many Teen Freestyle School+Street Dance Battles/Competitions (AND #1 Academic. Student> IQ=128 > Maths, Chemistry, Sciences, Robotics, Arts- Class Pres/Vice Pres 9 x and Valedictorian,etc! >>Now going for his MASTERS Degree -like the rest of BTS)!! Ranked #4 + #9 on "Most Handsome Men in the World" TC Candler, etc AND Global Artists sketch/paint /sculpt his GORGEOUS face + body > even displayed in the "Louvre Museum, Paris! >>No wonder his"Taylor of Chaos "PhotoFolio SOLDOUT in 1 min in U.S., 2 min glo- bally +on 3rd Re-order in Japan, #1 Idol Fashion Icon by several sites +called"Rookie Bible" >most covered/copied Idol> voice+dance, ETC! YET so caring +humble!! :) >>>>>You showed little of his amazing SOLO DANCES

    1. Anonymous8/10/22 22:31

      >>CORRECTION>> "JIMIN also WON many Teen Freestyle School +Street Poppin'/Hip-Hop Dance Battles/Competitions > ANY HARD or SOFT STYLE > POWER + BEAUTIFUL GRACE!! >>> YOUTUBE: "PARK JIMIN- DEFYING GRAVITY, ATHLETICISM, FLEXIBILITY, CORE STRENGTH" > HE = FIRE!!!


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