Group ATEEZ will make a comeback on the 29th. ATEEZ will return to their fans after a seven-month hiatus.

The poster, which was released on the 1st, features random handouts attached to the basement, and a mysterious figure who covered his face with a black fedora and a mask appears.

A new logo of ATEEZ is engraved on his face, and the phrase 'WAKE UP, WORLD / ARE YOU THERE? / IT 'STIME' is intriguing.

Previously, ATEEZ ended the "FEVER" series, which has continued from "ZERO: FEVER Part 1" released in July 2020 to "ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE" released in December last year.

ATEEZ, which broke numerous self-record records through the "Fever" series, has opened its new series "The World" in about seven months, drawing keen attention to what it will look like.

ATEEZ is an eight-member boy group from KQ Entertainment, which debuted on October 24, 2018. The group name ATEEZ is ATEEnage Z, which means everything about teenagers, that is, they are active and passionate like teenagers.

ATEEZ's new album 'The World Episode 1: Movement' will be released on the 29th.

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