ATEEZ announced its world tour in the second half of 2022.

On July 18, ATEEZ announced on its official SNS that the new world tour "THE FELOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL" will be held.

The released tour poster has ATEEZ's logo drawn with spray paint on the cracked wall, as it indicates the tour's subtitle "Break the Wall."

According to the guided tour schedule below, ATEEZ will start in Seoul for two days from October 29 to 30, go through Anaheim, Phoenix, Dallas/Fortworth, Chicago, Atlanta, and Newark in November, followed by Toronto, Canada, and then visit Chiba, Japan, in December.

Among them, Seoul, Anaheim and Newark in the U.S., and Chiba in Japan will be organized twice per city to breathe with more fans.

In particular, ATEEZ is set to release its new album "THE WORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT" on the 29th, and global expectations are already high on the stage and setlist that will be newly formed with this album.

In response, a performance official said, "We planned a new world tour thanks to the enthusiastic torch and support of fans around the world who loved the previous world tour.

In particular, I would like to greet more fans by adding cities that I couldn't visit last time. We will show you an upgraded version, so please pay a lot of attention and look forward to it."

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