The group Apink is constantly changing. It has been transformed into Cho Bom, a unit formed 11 years after its debut.

At the beginning of their debut, they continue to be curious about the appearance of those who have a bright and popping image and even a trendy image.

The first single album "Copycat" by Cho Rong & Bo Mi was released at 6 p.m. on the 12th. It is meaningful that it is Apink's first unit since its debut.

The album name 'Copycat' means a person who imitates and imitates. Cho Bom used "copycat" to mean living with the same heart like a soulmate, not a negative meaning.

The debut song of the same name is also about the same thing. On top of that, he added fun to the song with his lively and refreshing charm.

Cho Bom organized an album under the theme of 'Copy Cat' and set up a twin doll as the concept. We unified our costumes, makeup, and hairstyles with the thought of "we are one as we resemble our loved ones."

In particular, mirror mode choreography highlights twin concepts. The details of following each other's eyes as if they were one person rather than just facing each other and dancing lead to interest.

Apink was called the representative innocent group after their debut, looking like a shy girl. He left hit songs such as "NoNoNo" and "Mr Chu" with a clear concept and image. Just as any girl group went through a transition period, Apink felt thirsty for a change in concept.

He made his first attempt with "I'm So Sick" released in his 8th year of debut, not a drastic change. The public naturally accepted the change with a mature concept suitable for their age. As a result, hits such as "%%" and "Dillema" were born.

Apink's new change is solo and unit. Earlier, Nam Joo and Ha Young began to spread their own colors. On top of that, Cho Bom properly mixes Apink's strengths and newness to showcase its fresh charm in its 11th year of debut.

The music video of "Copy Cat" is about twin dolls Cho Rong and Bo Mi escaping for freedom. Locked in TV, the two find their freedom by crossing time and space as they are placed away from people's gaze.

Always trapped somewhere, they soon succeed in escaping to the open outside. But soon you'll be trapped in a glass box. Each time, the two are together, hugging each other tightly and relying on each other. It turns out that the two were characters in the game and the final twist is the key point.

The lyrics that are easy and simple but clearly conveyed stand out. It is witty to compare the appearance of wanting to resemble as much as you like to Gongyang. It is the lyrics of "star lyricist" Cho Yoon-kyung, who wrote unique lyrics such as FX's "Chu," SHINee's "Sherlock," TTS' "Twinkle," and Red Velvet's "Rookie."

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