Singer Alexa (AleXa, Kim Seri) led her first solo concert to a great success and communicated with fans.

At 7 p.m. on the 2nd, Alexa held a mini concert "Welcome to Wonderland" at Spacebrick in Hongdae. It is the first solo performance in three years since its debut in 2019.

Alexa, who opened the concert with her debut song "Bomb," finally responded with a hot stage, thrilled to meet her fans, and the audience also responded with cheers and shouts that seemed to pierce the ceiling on Alexa's passionate stage.

The stage that followed was also overflowing with coolness and power. The stage of Alexa's representative hit songs such as "VILLAIN," "Xtra," "TATTOO," and "Moon and Back" followed, and each stage showed a perfect performance and live that evoked exclamations, drawing admiration from the audience.

The performance of the winning song "Wonderland" of NBC's "American Song Contest" was also not missed. The charisma and passion shown during the U.S. competition were also reproduced in the "Welcome to Wonderland" performance, showing an outstanding aura like the winner of "ASC" with a strong performance that can't take your eyes off.

It also held a special event for fans, giving them fun and touching moments. Not only did they dance together with the "extra" performance on the spot on the spot, but they continued their friendly atmosphere with their unique cheerfulness and affinity by playing games such as "Trying to hold back laughter" and "Limbo."

A surprise guest has also appeared. Comedian Yoon Hyung-bin, who made a connection through entertainment, made a surprise appearance on the stage, giving laughter to the audience with warm words of blessing and witty talk. Gag idol Cocoon also took the stage and fired support, enriching "Welcome to Wonderland."

There was also a surprise from fans for Alexa. Fans flew a paper plane with letters on it to celebrate Alexa's first solo concert. Alexa couldn't hide her overwhelming feelings, shedding tears of emotion at the fans' surprise event. At the end of the performance, Alexa's mother's video letter in the U.S. was released in a surprise manner, ending the concert in tears and emotion as a series of unexpected events.

Alexa, who successfully wrapped up her first solo performance, said, "Thanks to the fans, I was able to finish the performance successfully. Fans are the driving force behind my continued passion and potential," he said. "I'm really grateful for the hot cheers. I will continue to grow as a great artist who continues to improve," he said.

Meanwhile, Alexa's first mini concert, "Welcome to Wonderland," is also available on KBS WORLD.

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